Algae for Entrepreneurs & a Real Life Example of how Important Electricity is...

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Originally written in 2011:

David Sieg and his newest book Algae for Entrepreneurs. If you ever wanted to start your own algae biodiesel business, this book is a goldmine of information for you. And it is over 900 pages of hard to find information. This book should cost over $1000, but he is selling it now for a low introductory price of $197 $173.64.algae for entrepreneurs

In these hard times of massive unemployment, recession, and higher fossil fuel prices, this may be just what the doctor ordered! Everything is covered from A to Z including legal aspects and how to get those all important government grants and credits. Click this link and check out all the details of Algae for Entrepreneurs today!

You know... I started doing a little research on what was happening in Greece right now with the riots and austerity measures and everything because I firmly believe that what is happening in Greece will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon enough. It's just a matter of time. If you think the US even has the slightest chance of paying off our 20 trillion debt without some Greece-like problems, then I have some swamp land down in South Georgia I'd like to sell you. The problems in Greece are only going to get worse as are the problems in almost all other Countries. The time to prepare is now. Visit the site I mentioned above and go back and look at some of my archived alternative energy newsletters and do what you can to prepare now... after a hurricane, you can never find a generator to buy. The same is true for your other necessities of life.

Here's some interesting quotes from

"On the 29th of September, a small group of people in the northern Greek city of Veria decided to take action and to reconnect the electricity supply in a number of houses that had been disconnected from the network. The electricity bills, it should be noted, are the government's chosen medium of payment for the newest property tax; in a country with more than 80% home-ownership, thousands are expected to be unable to pay the tax (on top of their actual bill, of course) and to therefore face disconnection."

"The Greek experiment worked out! Unemployment and redundancies reached the maximum and the minimal social benefits of the past evaporated. We are witnessing the violation of all those few rights, the sell off of health and education provisions along a new labour insecurity. At the same time every day new taxations are popping up, along with new "punishments" if we do not succumb to the blackmailing."

"The latest feat is the predatory so called 'real estate tax', this was added to our already stifling daily lives and has caused social outrage and despair. Like the salary reductions, the redundancies, the arbitrary constant increases in VAT (23% and even food staples) and the price increases in all essentials, transportation and heating are not enough – Now the authoritarian capitalists are asking all those who have a house (as if they are any capitalist big owners), without excluding the unemployed, to pay for second and third time an unaffordable tax on their homes. However, they are excepting from taxation the huge church property (instead of confiscating it)! The absurd thing is that they try to collect this tax through the electricity bills and threatening to deprive the people essential survival supplies such as electricity, if they not obey."

"But we know very well: what they call economic crisis is just a game of capitalism, which is trying to degrade us and to accumulate even more wealth in the hands of few. It's a war declared by the capital against human societies (currently it is us, but this war has gradually acquires global features) aiming to turn us all into slaves and minions.

Our response cannot be anything else but a generalised revolt and collective resistance! It's time to stop paying any tax, fee or whatever names they give to this robbery!

To get on the streets all of us (workers, unemployed, students, school pupils) and to cancel confiscations and auctions, to prevent collectively anyone who will come to cut the power supply to the homes where residents chose not to pay the new tax!

To revive the values?? of solidarity and mutual aid!

It's time to collectively deny this misery! to get our lives in our hands and to get free from capitalism!"


Bill Anderson