July 2010


What is biomass anyway?

     Biomass is a term usually used to refer to fuels mostly derived from plant materialwood pellets but occasionally from animal material. It is almost always a carbon neutral form of energy so there is no "net" increase in greenhouse gasses. Fuels like biodiesel, ethanol, and methane are considered biomass. But one of the most promising biomass fuels is...

Wood Pellets

     Would you believe Sweden now uses more biomass fuel than fossil fuels? And a good chunk of that biomass is in the form of wood pellets used for electricity generation and heatbiomassing. I know that Georgia's current Governor, Sonny Perdue, is a big fan of wood pellets and at least one of his rivals for the next election is running ads on TV promoting Georgia grown wood pellets. We have massive pine forests here in Georgia and not only does it create local jobs, but it reduces greenhouse gasses produced by fossil fuels. While researching wood pellets, I also found out about a company right here in my back yard which just recently broke ground on the World's largest pellet plant in Waycross, GA. The company is Georgia Biomass, LLC. Their product will be shipped to Europe - mostly Germany and Netherlands.

     Did you know you can make pellets from hardwoods, softwoods, grass, or straw? If you could figure out a way to make pellets from kudzu vines, you'll make a fortune! How about corn cobs and corn stalks?

     If you are looking into investment opportunities, starting your own wood pellet plant, or looking to heat your home with wood pellets, now would be an excellent time to start. I found a website that sells the "Wood Pellet Production Guide". They also sell a "Pellet Stove & Boiler Guide" but don't buy that because you get that free with the pellet guide. The wood pellet guide is only $19.95 and it's a great consolidated resource for anybody getting into wood pellets. They even sell pelletizing machines and systems.

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