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                                                                                                           Sept 2013


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I'm not going to lie to you... carbon credit prices are in a slump right now mainly due to the downturn in the economy which caused a decline in the demand for the various products that emit greenhouse gasses like electricity from coal powerplants, manufacturing, etc. The carbon credits business is a supply and demand business like any other. Right now there is less demand for businesses to purchase carbon credits and there is a supply buildup.

The whole cap and trade industry is in it's infancy and everybody is ironing out the kinks in the system. The way I see it, it's an opportunity that's just waiting to happen.

Often people complain "I have no luck"! Well... luck is nothing more than opportunity meeting preparation. If the opportunity comes along and you are not prepared for it, it may easily just pass you by without you ever knowing about it. But if you educate yourself now about the carbon credit business, you'll see those carbon opportunities coming a mile away before everybody else does. And all those who missed it will think you are the luckiest person on Earth!

I'd like to introduce you to Regan Hardy with a company called Carbonventures. He's an expert on the carbon credit trading industry. He can educate you on all aspects of carbon credits and how to start a legitimate business helping other business in your area become "green" companies. This info alone is worth the price of the book he authored. But it is much more than that!

In simple terms, just one way to make money with carbon credits goes something like this... you help a business chain like convenience stores or hotels become more green. They charge a small fee to their customers. Part of the fee goes to you, part to purchase carbon credits to instantly reduce their carbon footprint, and part goes to the company to invest in eco friendly upgrades. They can now call themselves a "green" company. It's a win win situation! And... those types of deals are easy as pie to sell.

Do yourself a favor and get Regan's instantly downloaded eBook today and prepare yourself for the opportunity of a lifetime. The eBook is one of the most expertly written eBooks I have ever run across and is almost 1000 pages long. What do you think is going to happen when the United States passes a cap and trade bill? How about China? Will you be prepared?...

Click Here to read all about the eBook and download yours TODAY!

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Bill Anderson
Electricity, Make it, Don't Buy it

P.S. When the stock market is down, a lot of people complain. But the smart ones see an opportunity to buy and make fortunes when the market turns back up. Will the carbon credits business be the same?

P.P.S. Whether you believe in global warming or not does not matter. Those that do are in charge and they are abiding by the Kyoto Protocol. The US and China will follow suit soon. Cap and trade is here and you can make money in this business whether you believe global warming is manmade or natural.



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