Compressed Air Car

                                                                                                                        April 2011


     I first told you about this cool compressed air car in my August 2008 newsletter on the cars of tomorrow. Well... tomorrow is now today and I was just checking up on them to see if anything had come of it. I see so many "inventions" or claims of free energy and 99% of them turn out to be duds or outright scams and they never come to market.

     The Tesla Roadster company has since gone public and their stock is pretty much going sideways although a quick look today showed they were up 16% today. Not too bad! The Chevy Volt is in production and is currently the most fuel efficient production vehicle in the USA. I think they stole that on board battery charging idea from me though as that's the same exact power system I have been promoting since 2004 in my book Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it.

The advantages I see for this technology include...

Here's a CNN video on the Compressed Air Car...


Here's a Youtube Video of the Compressed Air Car too...


Look for a compressed air car in your town in the near future! For more information, visit MDI Enterprises website!

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