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     This month, I'm going to quickly tell you about a company called D1 Oils - a London based biodiesel company. This company is preparing for the future demand for biodiesel by planting huge tracts of land with jatropha trees (see May's newsletter). They have also developed a modular biodiesel processor. This is from their web site at ...

     D1's modular biodiesel processor, the D1 20, is designed to produce 8,000 tonnes per year of biodiesel, or 22,000 litres per day with 90% utilisation.
     The D1 20 is both designed and built in the UK.  The result of several years of research and development, the D1 20 employs proprietary systems for biodiesel productionbiodiesel

The D1 20 is an economic, small scale biodiesel refinery that:

Here is a graph of their stock price on the London Stock Exchange....

d1 oils

This is a great visual picture of just how popular biodiesel has become over the last 6 months. In my opinion, foreign countries are way ahead of the game as far as preparing for present and future biodiesel demand.

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