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     As you may know, I am the author of "Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it". I have kept a very close watch on the alternative energy scene for many, many years now. Trust me... biodiesel is HOT right now! And... Joshua Tickell is America's foremobiodiesel bookst expert on making biodiesel from used cooking oil. Not only is he the author of the biodiesel book "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank", but he actually drove his vegetable oil powered RV or "veggievan" across the nation several times. Get this book TODAY if you want to learn everything there is to know about biodiesel. It is the best book on biodiesel available. Note: this is an eBook and it will be delivered via email once payment is received. It is in standard Adobe Acrobat reader pdf format. Shipping is FREE and immediate. At this time, we do not carry the paper version. Here are the facts...

     Any diesel engine can run on vegetable oil... this book tells you how. In "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank", expert Joshua Tickell unveils the problems with our fossil fuel dependency and offers a surprisingly simple solution: cheap, clean-burning vegetable oil. "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank" provides concise, easy to understand instructions for running a diesel engine on vegetable oil. Three methods for running a diesel engine on vegetable oil are described in detail, including how to make biodiesel from used cooking oil and how to run a diesel engine on straight vegetable oil. "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank" also includes instructions for building a biodiesel processor and growing and processing oilseed crops. With over 130 photographs, graphs, and diagrams, this book is the definitive guide to using vegetable oil as an alternative fuel. "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank" contains all of the information you need to become independent of fossil fuels forever.

Preface from the book...

     When I began experimenting with fuel from vegetable oil in 1996 the word "biodiesel" was virtually unknown in the United States. Fuel from petroleum sources was cheap, the Gulf War was all but forgotten, and the oil crisis of the 1970's was a distant memory. It was difficult for my family and friends to understand why I was trying to make fuel from vats of used restaurant frying oil.

      Even I had doubts as I emptied a container of biodiesel fuel into my motor home, put it into gear, revved its little diesel engine, and headed west across the United States on what would become an epic biodiesel crusade. During that first biodiesel-powered voyage I thought my "Veggie Van" might cough and die at any moment. But it didn't. In fact, the Veggie Van has crossed the United States powered by biodiesel fuel several times. All told, I have driven 50,000 miles on biodiesel fuel and never experienced a fuel-related engine problem.

      Since my first test-tube experiments with biodiesel the oil producing nations of the Middle East have become less cooperative, worldwide fuel prices have almost doubled, and the United States has delved into its previously untouchable fuel reserves. As I watch news coverage of the Veggie Van on the Today Show, Dateline, CNN, and the Discovery Channel, I wonder how long we will wait until biodiesel is available at every fuel station. Judging from the thousands of e-mails I receive every year and the endless traffic on the discussion boards, there is a strong and growing contingency of people who want to build biodiesel plants, make biodiesel fuel, and buy biodiesel at local fuel stations. In short, people want biodiesel to become a worldwide energy staple.

      Biodiesel is an important part of a host of clean energy resources and technologies. Renewable energy resources like wind and solar power, efficient appliances like compact fluorescent lights, as well as new energy technologies, better building techniques, and public transportation can provide a means to fuel our society far into the future. But it is only with great effort that we will achieve a future rich with clean energy.

      As fossil fuel costs soar and pollution increases, the need to switch our petro-centric society to alternative energy resources becomes ever more apparent. While it is our right to have clean fuels in our automobiles and clean energy in our homes, it is our responsibility to make these technologies a reality.

      I have written "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank" to educate and empower you. Instead of feeling like a cog inside the massive unstoppable social machine, you hold the power to fuel that machine and to change its direction. By using that power together, we will create a cleaner, safer world for everyone.

Joshua Tickell
New Orleans, Louisiana

Table of Contents


Chapter 1, The Problem: Fossil Fuels, describes how and why fossil fuels are running out, contributing to global warming, and weakening the economy.

Chapter 2, The Solution: Renewable Fuels, describes how and why renewable fuels can provide an unlimited fuel supply, are carbon neutral, and strengthen the economy.

Chapter 3, Diesel Engines, gives the history of the Diesel engine, describes the principles of the Diesel engine, and compares the different methods for running a Diesel engine on vegetable oil.

Chapter 4, Biodiesel Fuel, explains the advantages, disadvantages, emissions, legislation, and other uses of biodiesel fuel.

Chapter 5, Grow Your Fuel, provides a summary of ten oilseed crops, a description of the presses needed to extract vegetable oil, and a description of what may be the oil crop of the future: algae.


Chapter 6, How to Make Biodiesel, delves into the chemistry of biodiesel and gives a step-by-step process for making biodiesel fuel.

Chapter 7, How to Build a Biodiesel Processor, gives step-by-step instructions for building two types of biodiesel processors.

Chapter 8, How to Run a Diesel on Vegetable Oil and Kerosene, provides the parts and instructions for modifying a Diesel vehicle to run on a mixture of vegetable oil and kerosene.

Chapter 9, How to Run a Diesel on Straight Vegetable Oil, gives the parts and instructions for modifying any Diesel engine to run on straight vegetable oil.

Chapter 10, Troubleshooting and Success Stories, answers common questions and problems encountered when using vegetable oil as a fuel. The success stories are written by people who have used numerous techniques to fuel Diesel vehicles with vegetable oil.


"Even if you have no understanding of chemistry, [From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank] is written in such a way as to make it all seem far less daunting indeed, almost fun.. .After reading this book, I really felt like going out and making some biodiesel!" Lance Turner, ReNew Magazine

"This informative guide is much more than a book of instructions on how to run a car on vegetable oil.. it offers not only clear explanations of the nuts and bolts of its subject matter, but also incisive social and political commentary, information about the environmental issues associated with our transportation choices, a strong ecological ethic, and some great stories." Chris Roth, Talking Leaves Journal

"In the United States alone over three billion gallons of used vegetable oil is produced every year. This free fuel source can be easily modified to burn in Diesel engines by following the simple instructions in this book." Real Goods Catalog

"The bottom line is that you and I can make our own bio-diesel fuel. We the people can run our diesel cars, tractors, generators, boats, and all with recycled cooking oil.. It's a slick way to a less polluted world and a little more self-reliance. I would recommend this book for the slightly skilled alternative energy enthusiast. It's good reading." Tim Reed, Earth Quarterly Magazine

"Joshua Tickell's 'Gretta, the Greasy Jetta' and 'Veggie Van' run on user- 'refined' worn-out fryer grease, leaving the aroma of fish & chips in their wakes. From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank details the how-to aspects."J. Baldwin, Whole Earth Magazine

"With a minimal investment and a willingness to get your hands greasy, make diesel fuel from waste vegetable oil. From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank tells you how, in a clear and entertaining fashion!" Jade Mountain Catalog

"I'm sold on biodiesel as a result of reading this book." Kelly Larson, Alternative Energy Engineering, Redway, California

"Joshua Tickell has given a whole new meaning to the expression 'Now you're cooking with gas!' From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank makes this fascinating concept fun and easy to understand!" Reed Berry and Kenny Morse, Co-Hosts "Traffic Jam," KRLA Radio, Los Angeles, California

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