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                                                                                                           August 2014

Hello:convert methane to liquid gasoline

Just a quick newsletter to tell you about some new technology that is developing that shows some promise. That's been pretty rare in recent years as it seems all the new alternative energy developments are either too expensive, not workable, or not scalable for mass consumption.

This new technology will produce a synthetic gasoline from natural gas or methane that can be used by your existing vehicles whether they be gas or diesel. And it's cheap and scalable too. And as you know, natural gas is relatively cheap and plentiful these days.

Here's a few websites you can go to for more information...

A company called Siluria uses a nanowire inorganic catalyst technology to do the conversion:

Calysta uses a biological catalyst to do the conversion:

Keep an eye on this technology in the near future! Maybe we'll get lucky and see some gas signs like the one above sometime soon.

Bill Anderson
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