If you are not familiar with affiliate programs, it's real simple... basically, a company called Clickbank administers the program. i.e. they take care of all payment processing, commission payments, etc. The products are eBooks that are instantly downloaded after payment is made. It's FREE to become a Clickbank affiliate and they have over 10,000 downloadable products to choose from or sell. To browse Clickbank's many products and join up, click HERE. To go directly to the Clickbank affiliate signup page, click HERE.

     If you are already a Clickbank affiliate or you just joined, here are some tools to help you start selling "Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it" (75% commission)...

First of all, the link that you will put on your web site will have the following format...

(of course, you would replace "AFFILIATE" with your Clickbank nickname - don't change anything else like the "."s or slashes)

     You can link the Clickbank "hoplink" to text on your web site, a banner ad or other graphic, or you can use the hoplink in a classified ad or maybe even something like a Google Adwords ad or Overture ad (for a great tip, see the bottom of this page). Listen to what Doug the Solar Cook has to say...

Solar Oven

     Below are some examples that you can use. Just "cut and paste" the text into your site or "right click" on the banner ad of your choice and save it to your hard drive for later insertion into your web page. Some of the banner ads are animated. So... if you don't see the animations, try turning off your web accelerator/graphics compression software and reloading this page (press Ctrl then reload to force a reload from the web and not your cache). Of course, no spamming is allowed...

Text ad 1:
It's a darn shame you buy so much expensive electricity from your local electric company, when Jeff, Timothy, and Jean make their own! This fantastic eBook will show you how to set up your own electric company in your back yard. Also... FREE BONUS BOOKS with purchase (methane, free energy notes, and solar energy). FREE Biodiesel book just for looking! For complete details, CLICK HERE!

Text Ad 2:
It's a darn shame that you pay so much for electricity when Fred, Patricia, and Richard pay only $30 per month! The shocking truth about your Electric Bill. CLICK HERE for details and to get your FREE Biodiesel book.

Text Ad 3:
Usama Bin Laden's final orders... cut off America's oil supply! Either be prepared to generate your own electricity, or do without. I'll show you how you can set up your own system and make electricity for $31.35 per month. FREE Biodisel Book! CLICK HERE for details.

Banner Ad 1 (static size-10k):

Banner Ad 2 (animated 29k):

Banner Ad 3 (static 6k):

Banner Ad 4 (animated 10k):

Banner Ad 5 (static 8k):

Banner Ad 6 (animated 39k):

Banner Ad 7 (animated 118k):

Button Ad 1 (static 6k 125x125):

Button Ad 2 (animated 12k 125x125):

Button Ad 3 (animated 16k 120x175):

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