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     I may have promised you a FREE book about making your own biodiesel from used cooking oil, so just enter your name and email address in the form below and I'll email that book to you right now! This is a must read book because biodiesel is really starting to move from being an alternative fuel to a mainstream fuel - and that's a rare thing in the alternative energy world. If the fuel supply dries up, homemade biodiesel may be the only fuel that you can get your hands on! The book contains links to all the most popular biodiesel web pages too (and some you probably don't know about yet, but should). Even Willie Nelson is promoting biodiesel and using it himself. Also included is information on growing Jatropha for biodiesel oil production. And, if that isn't enough, I'll also send you four (4) very detailed government studies that were done on biodiesel.

Don't worry - your email address will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or lent to any other company. Enter your name and email address below, and your FREE Biodiesel book will be immediately emailed to you by my autoresponder...


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