Nikola Tesla's Birthday

                                                                                                                        July 2007

     In honor of Nikola Tesla's birthday on July 10th, I wouldNikola Tesla's Birthday like to send you to a few of my favorite web sites about Tesla. He was truly a fascinating man and inventor. His alternating current generator, motor, and transformer inventions are among the top 10 greatest inventions of all time. You use his inventions many, many times every single day of your life. The electricity generating system I describe in my book, "Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it" , uses his AC generator as a main component. I also have a whole chapter on Tesla in my book. Not only was he a great inventor, but his life story is very interesting reading too.

Do yourself a favor and read all you can about this great Serbian American inventor...

The Tesla Society Web Page

Be sure to go to the "Happy Birthday" page...

And the links page...

Some of the best Tesla pictures I have ever seen are on
Rex Hebert's web page at
the pictures have been restored and colorized. Simply amazing!




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