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                                                                                                           March 2014


You guys know I never send you offers on bogus alternative energy scams or crazy UFO, anti-gravity, or perpetual motion junk. But I have reviewed this eBook and it is legitimate... yes, there is solar panel info in this eBook. As you know, I have in the past been opposed to solar energy because of the costs involved.

But... did you know you can buy solar panels for $1 a watt these days?!

Not too long ago, it was more like $3 a watt. At $1 a watt it becomes a lot more interesting. And in the event of some kind of emergency, a relatively inexpensive 1000 watt small solar system could run some of your essential electronics for a while every day. Like computers, phone chargers, emergency radios, lights, TV, etc. If you size your system right, you could even run refrigerators, freezers, and more!

This eBook is not just about power though... it's about heating your water and your home with the sun and building a simple, inexpensive refrigeration unit that requires no electricity (see free bonus below).

In my opinion, the first thing you need for you and your family before an emergency is a safe water supply, then food, security, and then energy.

Watch the YouTube video below and look at the pictures of empty store shelves before the Atlanta "snowpocalypse" just to show you what kind of things you need to be prepared for. The first is a cool video about preparing for an emergency and the pictures show you what happens to store supplies if you are crazy enough to wait till an emergency happens before stocking up.

Makes you wonder what people would do in a real emergency... trust me, they will fight over food, water, and gas and even loot and kill to survive.

Think seriously about purchasing these two eBooks (click on links for more info)...

The Off Grid Survival Guide ($37)

The Family Survival Guide (this one is only $17)

Bonus! Email me your receipt for The Off Grid Survival Guide, and I'll send you the download link for my eBook Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it absolutely FREE!

A $29 value!


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