Static Electricity

                                                                                                                        March 2009

     Before I get started on this month's newsletter, I just want to tell you about a cool update to the January 2006 newsletter on Jean Pain's composting for heat and methane. I found some really great videos on YouTube that document his entire operation. These are actual videos of Jean Pain setting up one of his famous compost piles. They can be found at the bottom of the newsletter...

     This month's newsletter is about static electricity. Some people willkelvin's thunderstorm tell you that static electricity is useless as a form of power, but there are others that would disagree. I'm sure everybody has experienced the shock of static electricity when you drag your feet across a carpet and then touch someone else or a metal object. You have probably even seen a Van de Graff generator in operation producing sparks from it's electrified globe. But... have you ever seen Kelvin's Thunderstorm? No? Then check out this shocking video...


     How does this thing work?... basically, the principle behind Kelvin's Thunderstorm is "like charges repel". The bottomless cans at the top are charged positive and negative. The positive can repels the positively charged ions in the water. So what drops through the can is mainly negatively charged ions. These ion charges build up in the buckets which are linked to the bottomless cans in a sort of feedback loop. The charges build up until a spark jumps the spark gap. Pretty cool huh?


     So.. Do you still think static electricity contains no power? You know, a lightning bolt is supposed to be static electricity,kelvin's thunderstorm and not many of you would say there is no power in a lightning bolt. I forgot where I read it, but Tesla noticed a strange surge in power when he closed some of his switches. Somehow the spark that jumped from the closing switch contained some "extra" energy. He said it was one of his most important discoveries. I think it had something to do with ball lightning. Another example is the people in the Swiss village of Methernitha who have a working electricity generator that supposedly runs on static electricity. It's called Testakica.

     While I was researching Kelvin's Thunderstorm, I ran across some very interesting information on Edwin Gray. He had an ingenious motor/generator back in the 70's that, from what I can tell, runs on static electricity or charged capacitors. I know this is not new information, but it just goes to show you that work can be performed from static electricity. Here's some pdf files containing all of his information - maybe someone smarter than me can put some of this information together and develop a "highly efficient" motor right now when we need it the medwin grayost...

Article 1: edwin1.pdf

Article 2: edwin2.pdf

Patent 1: edwin-gray3890548.pdf

Patent 2: edwin-gray4595975.pdf

Patent 3: edwin-gray4661747.pdf





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