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                                                                                                                        May 2007

Book Review... Poor Man's Guide to Wind Power and Battery Systems
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     As I say in my book, "Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it", I don't like wind power or solar panels because these systems are usually way too expensive for the little amount of phomemade windmillower they put out. But the author of this book seems to have solved the problem with wind power by showing you how to make your own windmill. The plans are simple enough that just about anybody can do it. You don't need any special tools, equipment, or even electrical knowledge. Just standard tools and basic knowledge will do.

     The system is cheap to build and he even tells you where to get free used windmillbatteries for your windmill system power storage. The book is basically about how to build the wind turbine and how to find free batteries. Once you have those two hooked up, you basically just need to worry about overcharging your battery bank.

     You do not need a voltage regulator unless your battery storage is undersized. Just hook the wind generator directly to your battery bank. A charge controller may be used to automatically switch in a resistive load on your battery bank to draw down excessive voltage to prevent overcharging. Something like a water heater is good for this. A good inverter like the Xantrex SW4024 should be used to extract the DC power from your battery bank and turn it into useful AC power. There is absolutely no reason why a wind turbine like this can not be tied in to a "genverter" system like I describe in "Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it". That way, you have the best of both worlds... free wind power backed up by a generator which is hopefully run on biodiesel. For all the details on this fascinating book, just click on the link below...

Poor Man's Guide to Wind Power and Battery Systems

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